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About the Elephant Polo Series

In 2009, Katie travelled to Nepal to produce a set of works on paper celebrating the World Elephant Polo championships. She has now created a limited edition set of archive quality prints from these original works. These prints will be launched at Katie's upcoming exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society in London in November 2010. Proceeds from the sale of one of the original drawings, 'The Winning Shot', will go to the Jim Edwards Memorial Fund at the International Trust for Nature Conservation ("ITNC") - the charity established by Edwards, the co-founder of modern elephant polo.

The ITNC works with local communities in India and

Nepal to protect endangered species and their habitats, prevent deforestation and provide environmental education.

“I spent a hugely enjoyable few weeks at Bardia in the edges of the jungle producing the preliminary sketches. Elephant polo provides such a rare opportunity to see Asian elephants working together for extended periods. It was a fantastic experience and a great privilege to be there. Working in the jungle does, though, present challenges: the high humidity tends to warp paper and the dust gets everywhere!”

Katie Quentin Mills

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