Katie Quentin Mills is known for her landscapes, wild animal paintings and portraits. Her work, while grounded in old master techniques and materials, is inspired by a fascination with nature and wilderness. She spends much of her time between exhibitions working in the field in places as far flung as Nepal, the Californian Sierra Nevada, and the Isle of Skye.

Katie’s reputation in this field has resulted in prestigious invitations from around the globe. Most recently, she has just returned from Nepal where she created a series of works on the World Elephant Polo Championships. Although relatively early in her career, her oil paintings are already found in museums and major private collections.

Much of Katie’s painterly style results from her years spent rigorously studying old master techniques at a working atelier in Florence. She also trained extensively under master painters in the United States and the UK. Although predominantly an oil painter, she sometimes uses other mediums where appropriate for the commission or theme.